Root Spokesmodel Search – Round 4 Makeup Tutorial

Root Spokesmodel Search – Round 4 Makeup Tutorial

I’m still in shock as I write this. I can’t believe I made it! *Happy dance* This look uses Root Cosmetics once again. I have to point out that the longevity without primer is unreal. Although, I still have to get accustomed to using loose mineral eyeshadows. I tried to blend using the back and forth wiping strokes and ended up with muddied color and tons of fallout. Live and learn! The complete product list and links are at the bottom of the post.







1) Start with a clean, moisturized face.

2) I applied PEARL POWDER MINERAL FOUNDATION (G4) all over my face with a damp makeup blender.

3) I used PEARL POWDER MINERAL FOUNDATION (W4) as concealer on my entire eye area. I also went over one last time to see if there were any spots that I felt needed a little bit more coverage.

4) Using the ORIGINAL BRONZE POWDER and a contouring brush, I applied down the sides of my nose and in a 3 shape on my face (along the hairline for the forehead, hallows underneath the cheekbone, along the jawline just at the edge).

5) I applied SETTING SILK with a fluffy round powder brush all over my face to set and absorb excess oil.

6) Using a tapered highlighter brush, I brushed ROSE GLOW ILLUMINATOR on the tip of my nose up towards my forehead, along the tops of my cheekbones, brow bones, and the cupid’s bow.

7) With an angled contour brush, I applied SADIE MINERAL BLUSH to the apples of my cheeks and blended up and outwards to the hairline.

8) Using a shading brush, I packed on HOLLAND EYESHADOW all over my lids.

9) With a dampened shading brush, I placed TEDDY EYESHADOW all over the lid.

10) I placed the CABERNET EYESHADOW with a firm shading brush in a V shape on the outer corner. Then I used a tapered blending brush to blend and bring this color into the crease.

11) With a pencil brush, I placed the DIAMOND EYESHADOW on the innermost corner of my eyes to bring more light into the area. I then dampened the same brush and lined my lower lash lines with GALAXY EYESHADOW.

12) Drew on a cat eye using the 100% LINE LIQUID EYELINER.

13) To finish the eyes, I coated my upper and bottom lashes with 100% LASH NATURAL MASCARA by wiggling the wand back and forth through my lashes in small sections. I ran the wand just a bit more at the tips of my lashes to really define them.

14) For lips, I applied a few coats of CHLOE PRETTY GLOSS which is a gorgeous peach. Loveee it!



Pearl Powder Foundation in G4

Pearl Powder Foundation in W4 (concealer)

Original Bronze Mineral Powder

Setting Silk

Sadie Mineral Blush

Rose Glow Illuminator


Teddy Eyeshadow

Cabernet Eyeshadow

Galaxy Eyeshadow

Diamond Eyeshadow

100% Line Liquid Eyeliner

100% Lash Natural Mascara


Chloe Pretty Gloss

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