Best of Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2017 Guide (Part 2) : Wellness, Home, Moms

And here is the other half! Hopefully I’ve left you with enough time to take advantage of some deals!



1) Lotus Wei

Katie Hess, the flower alchemist behind the brand, offers healing and uplifting creations that come in various forms: elixirs (to ingest), aura mists (to spritz), and balancing serums (to apply). Use whichever method most speaks to you. Her products consist of certified organic essential oils as well as luxurious flower and gem essences! Free shipping on US orders of $125 and above.

  • Now through Cyber Monday, 25% off entire order with code “GRATITUDE“.

2) Rocky Mountain Oils

Essential oil company that committed to offering pure, safe, and cost effective products.  They provide GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) test results of all essential oils to verify purity and quality. All US orders ship free, no minimum spend. They have a 90 day guarantee so there’s no risk in buying and being stuck with something you dislike.  RMO will even pay return shipping. They’re also eco-conscious in packaging and shipping with completely recycled material.

  • Cyber Sale runs from November 22 – 27/Cyber Monday while supplies last. No codes necessary. 30% off singles, kits, and roll-ons. Accessories, diffusers, and carrier oils are 15% – 20% off.
  • Tiers of additional rewards:

Spend $99: Free $10 e-gift card

Spend $149: Free Holiday Kit or Fall Kit AND $10 e-gift card

Spend $199: Free Tohi Daily Renewal Kit and Night’s Rest, Free Holiday Kit or Fall Kit, AND $10 e-gift card

  • Their new skincare line, Tohi, is also on sale until November 30. $5 off each Tohi product or there are two kit options at 16% – 21% off.

3) Squatty Potty

I mentioned Squatty Potty in my post on pregnancy (Part 1). Very useful postpartum when my pelvic floor muscles were left feeling weakened after giving birth. This stool (no pun intended) allows you to simulate a squatting position meaning a more efficient bowel movement with less strain.

  • For Black Friday, Squatty Potty is offering 30% off all products sitewide with no order minimum to be eligible for the discount. No code necessary. Free shipping starts at $19.99 though. Will update if they offer something else for Cyber Monday.

4) Plant Therapy

Another essential oil company I enjoy. Great selection of high quality essential oils, including certified organic ones for good prices. They also sell Kidsafe essential oils, roll ons, blends, body care, and accessories such as jewelry and diffusers. I’m eyeing the Diffuse on the Move (atomizing mini USB diffuser) so I can have some aromatherapy in the car. Free shipping on US orders with no minimum and free returns.

  • Now through December 18, 25 days of Christmas deals. Each day, they’ll offer a different deal that’s only valid for that day.
  • Day 1 (Black Friday), $10 off $30 or more purchase with code “DAY1“. Coupon can be used multiple times by same customer.

5) Four Sigmatic

I just started using their products last month and I’m a fan. They utilize the medicinal aspects of adaptogenic mushrooms  and combine them with natural, high quality ingredients resulting in supportive, nourishing elixirs. Their products are organic, vegan, gluten and GMO free. Their coffees all contain organic Arabica coffee which are considered lower in caffeine (about 50 mg) than the average cup of coffee. It gives balanced stimulation, absolutely no jittery crashes. I’m a tea drinker that wants to get the benefits of the occasional cup of coffee so that’s akin to drinking a cup of black tea (I love Earl Grey). I also absolutely love their cacao mixes too.

Free shipping on US orders of $100 or more. For orders under $100, $4.95 to US or $13.95 to Canada. International shipping is €9.99 to Europe and €12.00 to Australia, New Zealand and Asia. All orders €100+ will receive free shipping.

  • Now through Tuesday (November 28), sale prices on individual products and bundles. No code needed.

6) Vital Proteins

I take collagen mainly to increase the elasticity of my skin through pregnancy but it also promotes healthy skin, nails, joints, and bones as well. Supports digestion and immunity too. Vital Proteins sells collagen both flavored and unflavored in various forms. Their products are gluten free, dairy free, and paleo and whole30 friendly.  They source their collagen peptides from grass-fed, pasture-rasied bovine hides. Their Marine collagen is sourced from wild-caught, non-GMO red snapper. I’m currently in the middle of the collagen beauty greens which contains probiotics, hyaluronic acid, and several organic raw greens for a nutritional boost. Delicious with nut milk– almost tastes like a cool, green tea latte.

Free shipping on all US orders, no minimum.

  • Now through ??, spend $75 and get a free 5 oz. Collagen Peptides. You must add the 5 oz. Collagen Peptides to your cart and use code “PEACELOVECOLLAGEN“.

7) The Home Apothecary

Their nourishing balms helped my baby heal from eczema and saved my sanity. The zinc balm and calendula balm (custom blended with carrot seed oil for free) in particular. All balms contain no chemicals, fillers, steroids, or man made antibiotics and essential oils used are organic. Also, balms can be customized to accommodate allergies and sensitivities.

  • Black Friday only, 20% off order with no minimum spend using code “THANKSGIVING17

8) Amazon

Every year Amazon offers a coupon for print books. Now’s the time to pick up Nadine Artemis’s (of Living Libations) Reveal and Revive Your Natural Radiance–Beauty Secrets, Solutions, and Preparations or Mary Helen Bowers’s (of Ballet Beautiful) Ballet for Life: Exercises and Inspiration from the World of Ballet Beautiful. ^.^

  • Now until Sunday (November 26), $5 off any book/book total over $20 with code “GIFTBOOK17“. Past promotions required that a single book meet the minimum spend but I just tried the code on several books, each under $10, and the discount worked. Not applicable on digital content and book(s) must be sold by to qualify, not a third party seller.


1) Emerson Creek

Handcrafted in the US. Offers non-toxic lead-free, cadmium-free, CA prop. 65 compliant ceramic housewares that are all dishwasher, oven, and microwave-safe. I grabbed several pieces of bakeware and drinkware. Free US shipping with all orders $100 and up.

  • Now until Cyber Monday, 20% off with coupon “MSC17″ on orders of $25 minimum.

2) Tabletop Style

All dinnerware is dishwasher, microwave, and freezer to oven safe as well as conforms to all FDA and CA Prop. 65 requirements. I got my 16 piece Koto set (I wanted Japanese inspired dishware) here and I love it. Free shipping on US orders over $50.

  • Black Friday, 30% off with coupon “BF17“.

3) Rabbit Air

I learned the importance of air filters when I lived in an old building in the city. I bought the Rabbit Air MinusA2 out of necessity and went from having recurring sinus infections to not getting one again while I lived in that apartment. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my health ever. Energy efficient, eco-friendly, six-stage purification and deodorization process that traps and reduces common allergens. Ensuring that you are breathing clean air is a tool in combating illness. Free shipping and returns for US orders.

  • Two deals only for Black Friday, $30 off air purifiers with code “FRIDAY
  • 10% off filter subscriptions with code “FRIDAYFILTER

4) Molekule

So, I technically don’t have this yet but definitely want! It can take on the full spectrum of indoor pollutants (VOCs and viruses included), destroying rather than collecting any size of them. It is also portable meaning, you can easily pick it up and place it anywhere in your home. That’s a great feature considering I only have one air purifier in our entire household. Ideally, I’d like to have an air purifier in each room where a lot of time is spent either awake or sleeping but that’s not feasible just yet so this seems like an excellent solution. It can also be controlled remotely via WiFi.

  • Now until Cyber Monday, $150 off at checkout. Discount appears automatic (though you’ll see a code of “THANKS150” applied). Also, first year of filters free. Shipping starts at $22 for US orders.

5) Berkey Water Filters

I dislike the taste of straight tap water and generally stay away from bottled water. I’ve used sink and refrigerator filters in the past and while not bad options, I like the taste of water filtered through the Berkey system more. We have the Big Berkey system but they offer several other models to meet your filtering needs (based on things like max number of people drinking, how much everyone drinks/uses in a day, hold capacity, etc). The current Big Berkey bundle being offered is great, I’m a little jealous haha. I got it last year for the same price with only the two black filters. This current one has those filters plus two fluoride filters and several other gifts. Free Express Shipping on US orders of $45 or more.

  • Now until Sunday (December 3), save $110 on Big Berkey Bundle or 15% off sitewide with code “GIVING”. Discount doesn’t apply on all scratch & dent units, all Berkey custom bundles, Boroux 20 and 30 oz tumblers, and Boroux can jackets.

6) Field Company

I like the cast iron cookware pieces that I have now but there’s room for improvement. I saw Field Company’s version of the cast iron pan a while ago on Kickstarter but missed my chance to get my hands on it. Field’s cast iron pans are 25- 50 % lighter than others, smooth surface (versus slightly pebbled), works on all cooktops, nonstick, and heirloom quality. Made in the US. Just think of all the drool worthy dishes you could make with this beauty.

  • Now through Cyber Monday, tiered discounts:
  • Buy 2 pans, Save 15% with code “15OFF2
  • Buy 3 pans, Save 20% with code “20OFF3
  • Buy 4 pans or more, Save 25% with code “25OFF4


1) Belly Bandit

Their Upsie Belly/belly support band and Flawless Belly were some of my favorite pregnancy items and the belly wrap postpartum felt so good. Their belly wraps support your back and core and provide much needed compression to encourage everything to go back in place postpartum. There is Viscose from Bamboo belly wrap for a sustainable option and an organic cotton version. If you experience itchy, dry belly or just want to nourish your stretching skin without wasting expensive creams/oils (by keeping the product on your skin and off your clothes), their WonderWeave collection is excellent. I also want to mention the 2-in-1 Bandit which is basically two belts that can be worn separately or together. Support is customizable. It can be used during pregnancy and afterwards so it’s an economical choice and less bulky than the Upsie Belly. Lastly, some of their products may qualify for insurance reimbursement or are FSA/Flexible Spending Account eligible.

  • Now until Cyber Monday, 25% off all orders, free gift, and free shipping with code “BFCM“.

2) Covered Goods

Favorite nursing cover, hands down. All over coverage with a flexible  neckline. Whenever I breastfed in public, I didn’t have to worry about my baby suddenly kicking off the cover or people being able to see things from any angle. The material of the cover is soft, stretchy, and lightweight material so your baby doesn’t overheat. Also, you can use it as a scarf (great for when you need to do an on the spot feeding), car seat cover, shopping cart barrier. US shipping starts at $5 for first class and $7 for priority mail.

  • Now until December 8, multiple tiers of discounts:
  • 25% off with code “THANKS25” (only 100 coupons available)
  • 20% off with code “THANKS20” (only 150 coupons available)
  • 15% off with code “THANKS15” (unlimited coupons available)
  • As the codes are used up, they’ll show as invalid at checkout if they’re not available anymore.

** From Cyber Monday until tomorrow (November 28): **

  • BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF — use code “2CM17
  • BUY TWO GET TWO HALF OFF — use code “4CM17
  • BUY THREE GET THREE HALF OFF — use code “6CM17

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