A Budget Friendly Introduction to Root, Green Beauty

A Budget Friendly Introduction to Root, Green Beauty

When I threw out all conventional makeup and skincare, I felt anxious but adamant in transitioning to a nontoxic, health supporting lifestyle. The biggest challenges to my mission were cost and performance. After researching, stretching my budget, and lots of experimentation, I found myself missing the reliability of the conventional. It was at that point I stumbled on Root. After scrutinizing the ingredients lists of several Root products that piqued my interest, I placed my first order.

I remember after initial testing being left pleasantly surprised. Considering the formulations and price points of everything, I was overjoyed to find that each product either met or exceeded my expectations. Infallible, transfer proof cat eyes were possible again. I didn’t know gloss could be so hydrating and comfortable feeling. My sensitive, gluten intolerant skin experienced no breakouts or itchiness yet I was able to customize my foundation down to the level of coverage and texture. And that’s not all! Over time, I realized that Root’s products are also multipurpose.

I know starting out on a healthier path can be frustrating sometimes and at first glance, green beauty products can seem prohibitive in price. I’m going to highlight in this mini tutorial just how efficient and affordable Root products are. All looks in this post can be recreated with just $20 through sample and trial sizes which are good for several uses.

Whether you’re new to Root or are seeking to shake up your makeup arsenal, this is an economical solution. The first look is minimalistic but you’ll see it’s easy to change up. There’s really no wrong way to go about this so have fun with it. The possibilities are endless!



Prep skin with Pretty Booster. Apply Under Eye Brightener under eyes and on lids as eye primer.

With a damp makeup sponge apply pearl powder all over face. Or buff on with kabuki brush for lighter coverage.

Apply Marsala pretty balm as cream contour on hollows of cheeks, sides of nose, perimeter of forehead, eyelid creases, along lower lash lines, and lips.

Buff setting silk all over face.

Define brows with brow powder. Or tame brows without adding color, combing some clear pretty balm through with a spooly.

Vintage Lace eyeshadow on lids, inner corners, brow bones, on tops of cheekbones, and down the middle of the nose to highlight.

*Optional* Finish with mascara on top and lower lashes.


Here I swapped Marsala for Campbell pretty balm and used it as a cream blush and lip color. I added Piper eyeshadow for a beautiful purple tint on lids and finished with brow powder applied wet as subtle liner.


I skipped brow powder, drew cat eyes with pretty all day gel eyeliner and lightly lined the lower lash lines. Then I applied bronze powder as contour all over my face and the creases of my eyelids. I finished with Merlot mineral blush on cheeks and lips.

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